Head Start Program

Research has shown that Head Start programs can have a dramatic effect on the literacy rates and achievement of students. We need money to start a program here in São Paulo, so our children can reap the benefits of education from an early age. This program would be extremely low cost, non-profit, and accessible to families of all incomes. We will also incorporate all of the recent research in education to make sure our program is as effective as possible!
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$50.00 or more: You will receive email updates of our progress in building the program, and a video email from our first class!

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$500.00 or more: At the $500 level, you will receive a personalized picture drawn by one of our students to say thank you! You will also receive email updates and the video email from our class.

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$5,000.00 or more: You will be the sponsor of a member of our class, and will receive personalized drawings and letters from your new pen pal as he or she learns to read and write! Watch your student learn and grow! This also includes all previous reward tiers.

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Class President

$50,000.00 or more: In addition to all previous reward tiers, you will be invited to be the guest speaker at our first class graduation! You can give the students wisdom before the embark on the rest of their academic journey, and see the lives you've changed in person!

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